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We are all born with a desire to create. Using Lego blocks and paint, our imagination spurs us on to realize our big, bold ideas. In the 21st century, kids have a new tool at their disposal: code, the building blocks for the technologies all around us. 

Young people today want to build something they are passionate about - something that matters. Let’s nurture their passion with skill development in computer science and collaboration, encouragement and the environment to thrive.

Bold Idea is a Dallas nonprofit that develops and empowers young minds to execute bold ideas through the power of technology. > Join our movement. 


Our Programs

ideaspark - 6th - 10th grades

In the 14-week ideaSpark course, students develop proficiency in computer programming languages and collaborate on their own creative project, from mobile apps to websites. At the end of the semester, student teams share their projects at a Demo Day event.

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CS first - 3rd - 5th grades

Bold Idea uses Google's CS First program to introduce computer science to our youngest students, ages 7-10, over 10 weeks. The program involves block-based coding using Scratch and are themed to attract students with varied interests.  

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