Students on their mentors

“Jennica is very smart and she can help teach kids how to program.” - Hope, 6th grade

“Ben was a great mentor and helped me with my needs when I didn't understand and helped me get through my struggles.” - Evan, 7th grade

“All of the mentors have helped me through my struggles, supported me and helped me grow.” - Meredith, 8th grade

“I think Don gave me good ideas with my games and I think he has been a great help with my bugs and he has made me a better student.” - Ethan, 5th grade

“Bill, my mentor, taught me how to code with a close eye and an open mind and I know that in my future, when I most likely will have a job as a programmer, he is always going to be that little voice inside of me telling me what to do.” - Audrey, 7th grade

Parents on the Program's impact

“Adam was given an opportunity to let his knowledge of computer science excel. He has shown a significant increase in his confidence and self-esteem after being a part of your program. He also increased his knowledge of programming which he enjoyed.  Adam looked forward to your program every week.” - Frisco parent

“He has learned basic programming, and it has motivated him to try and create other apps. My son thoroughly enjoyed the class.  He continues to use what he learned to program on a regular basis.” Frisco parent

“Creative thinking and a feeling that she can do whatever she wants.” - McKinney parent

“Robyn helped my daughter and others' children (new to code) see that they were indeed capable of doing this on their own. She asked the right questions to get them thinking. It was great to see that aha moment when they realized they had it and how much they enjoyed doing it themselves rather than just watching someone else do it for them!” - Irving parent

“My daughter got turned back on to coding and felt successful. She met some friends and felt the mentors were amazing.” - Richardson parent

Demo day spring 2016 audience

"Very impressed with what the kids have put together. They opened my eyes to these environmental issues, and I will definitely be changing some of my behaviors. Great work!"

"Looks like the kids had a great time learning code. You could see everyone's personality come through in their projects."

"Kids seemed enthusiastic and proud of their creations. I think it helped them reflect on the issues that inspired these creations."