The Tale of Service Match


It’s the Founders of Service Match, Shelby Jennings and Meredith Smith and we are going to run our mouths talking about how hard and awesome developing a website is. Well, actually, it’s just Meredith.

Disclaimer: Making a website is HARD. Like, really hard. But the risk reward factor really favors the reward. Which is good.  Soon we are presenting to Microsoft, (Ah!) about our (Hopefully) finished website sometime in August. To give you an idea, it's late July.

Sorry, I guess I got ahead of myself. I’ll try and backtrack to a cold, wintry day. (I think it was a wintry day, I wasn’t actually there, but I’ll try and give you the general idea.) Shelby was at Target with one of our mentors, Robin Brown. Side note: She is awesome. They were discussing the topic of a girl scout silver project. Originally, the troop was going to build raptor boxes but it got vetoed because, apparently, girl scouts can’t use power tools.

Hence the conversation. Shelby was contemplating the idea that what if there was a website that could match people with organizations. So, bingo! Cue the lightbulb, we had our silver project idea.

Shelby asked Robin, one of the founders of Bold Idea if she can mentor her along with Ben Davis, the other Founder. Since Shelby didn’t want to do this alone, she asked moi, (Meredith) to be her partner in crime.

So, the tale of Service Match was made.

Dun Dun DUN!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahem. Sooo I’m just going to give you a quick overview of the last couple months. After inviting me to make the website with her,Shelby and I meet up numerous times designing,creating and building our website. Few. That was a long sentence. So now you’re caught up with the present. I’m currently typing the first blog entry and Shelby is looking up Disney quotes. I have no idea why. Probably something really obvious and I totally missed her explaining why.

I’m running out of things to say, so… until I type again………

Meredith Smith