Volunteer opportunity:
Team Captain

: Ideally, two program semesters

Time commitment: Flexible, 2-3 hours weekly

Tools for Team Captains: Bold Idea email, Slack access, Google Team Drive, flyer templates, Hive (registration and scheduling tool)

Bold Idea program sites are led by two Team Captains. These volunteers coordinate delivery of the ideaSpark program by working with mentoring teams and community and corporate partners to create a high-quality technology learning experience for students.


Experienced Bold Idea mentors and professionals skilled in project management and communications make ideal Team Captains. A professional development opportunity, the Team Captain role helps volunteers build new skills in conflict resolution, leadership, communication and making new connections.

Team Captains are encouraged to divide the areas of responsibility below. Bold Idea provides best practices and examples.

Responsibilities include:

Planning with community partner.
Set dates for weekly sessions, company tours, guest speakers and demo days. Share program needs and important info with the community partner, who will take the lead in communicating with parents.

Marketing to volunteers.
Work with your corporate partner and leadership team to spread the word about mentoring through lunch n’ learn events, flyers, Slack messages, and more. Meet your volunteer goals each semester.

Marketing to students.
Work with your community partner to promote computer science, tech careers and ideaSpark to students through events, classroom visits, and more. Bold Idea will provide templates for posters and flyers. Meet your student goals each semester.

Mentor training and support.
Ensure everyone on your mentoring team attends the Mentor Kickoff and submits volunteer requirements. Meet with your team before the semester to share important info. Support mentors by demonstrating ideaSpark rituals (stand ups, growth mindset, ideating, etc.) and solve challenges together. Mentor the new mentors.

Program oversight.
Use Hive and Slack to ensure mentor coverage each week, tapping floating mentors to fill in when needed. Ensure student and volunteer attendance is taken and communicate student absences to community partner. Help make student and mentor recommendations for project teams

Mentor appreciation.
Schedule a mentor appreciation activity each semester (coffee, froyo, pizza, etc.), with funding provided by Bold Idea. Promote the volunteer awards program among students, mentors and parents.

Organize Demo Day.
Plan the Demo Day event, whether it’s hosted at the community or corporate partner locations. Work with the corporate partner to invite guests and the community partner to invite parents.

Schedule time during sessions for student measurement activities, provided by Bold Idea staff. Ensure each student completes measurement. Report on program evaluation from students and mentors.

You may want to advocate ideaSpark funding by leading an employee giving campaign or fun event.