Volunteer opportunity:
Program Site Coordinator

The volunteer program site coordinator is responsible for the smooth operation and program quality of their assigned site. Coordinators provide resources, advice and encouragement to volunteer mentors. She/he works to achieve high-quality program facilitation and the recruitment and retention of students and volunteers. 

Because each site has its own unique set of strengths and challenges, the coordinator may serve as a resource for addressing those challenges and guiding mentors through that process. The coordinator may conduct site visits to gain an understanding of each site and provide targeted feedback on identified challenges.


Term: Ideally, this position is a two-semester commitment - though we can be flexible with a volunteer’s availability
Time commitment: About 6 - 8 hours monthly, including program site visits and communicating with volunteer mentors and parents

Volunteers should have:

  • Experience in project management, youth programs and/or experience as a Bold Idea mentor
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to problem solve
  • Demonstrate dependability, honesty, and credibility
  • Understanding of the Bold Idea mission and program goals
  • Ability to attend weekend or evening program sites
  • Attention to detail
  • Flexibility to work in new situations and address unforeseen challenges
  • Ability to collaborate well, especially through gathering mentor/parent/student feedback

We will depend on the program site coordinator to:

Prior to program semester:

  • Organize and deliver supply box and laptop cart for your program site, while ensuring that sites have the resources they need
  • Collaborate with mentoring teams and parent volunteers to assign weekly roles
  • Participate in mentor training
  • Support student and volunteer recruitment in the geographic region of your program sites

During program semester:

  • Check-in with mentor teams regularly either in person at their sites, via Slack, via email, etc.
  • Promote an environment of teamwork among volunteers, students, parents and partners
  • Work with our volunteer mentors to identify and troubleshoot any challenges that may come up during the program semester (behavior issues, engagement, etc.)
  • Identify opportunities to improve the program and discuss among the site consultant team and Bold Idea staff
  • Record/share best practices from sites to highlight great ideas in facilitation, behavior management, student engagement, etc.
  • Consider opportunities to increase student engagement at a program site (examples: company tours, pizza parties, guest speakers, etc.)

End of program semester:

  • Ensure collection of student measurement data and feedback
  • Promote the volunteer awards program 
  • Ensure that students receive a completion certificate
  • Support a program site's participation in Demo Day and a show n' tell for a elementary students

Reports to / coordinates with: 

  • Ben and Robyn

Supported by:

  • Parent volunteers at each program site

Benefits of volunteering:

  • Develop skillset in program/project management to support career goals
  • Network with professionals in the technology industry
  • Support the delivery of Bold Idea’s mission to develop and empower young minds to execute bold ideas as a team through the power of technology