Success in Debugging


It’s Meredith again and I fixed it, I fixed it, I really really fixed it!


Now everything is all nice and purdy and not done but it’s cool! Happy Dance! I even linked up all the pages to each other, and it works! (Of course it works, I coded it. Wait… never mind)

I’m here alone, Shelby is at a camp...? Wonder what she is doing… Probably roasting marshmallows on a stick and eating it. And maybe jumping in a lake...You can tell, I really want marshmallows and to swim. Was it that obvious?

Back on track...I’ve gotten some things done today and I’m proud of them!

What have I gotten done you ask?

Well, my curious George, I made the explore page! That was the page that I wrote about exploding my brain. Then I did a little clean up of the code, you know some formatting that Ben showed me...eating donuts and writing to you...

Annnnnnyway, I have work to do, a website to code and donuts to eat so,

So long people who are bored and reading this!