Random Updates - 8/12/16


Hello dear readers,

It’s Still Meredith and SHELBY IS BACK! I don’t know about you, but I missed her.

We are at Bold Idea and coding our little hearts out. Currently we are sipping Starbucks and madly typing and clicking. And I’m freezing my butt off, because a vanilla bean frappuccino is COLD. Also, I’m voting for cats because cats are awesome on the voting thing. What a hard, tiring day so far.

Anyway, me and Shelby are messing around with App Lab to get comfortable with databases and tags and stuff. Side Note: Red Squares are really annoying. People who have used AppLab in text mode know what I’m talking about.

So now we finished the applab thing and Ben was teaching us how not to spell. Ok, now being serious. ………. Mawhahahahahahahahaha. Ok now really. Ben just finished telling us how to write a variable and describing stuff.

Now me and Shelby are rockin’ out to  Love Song by Sara Bareilles because we are in a singing/rocking out mood. Now Shelby killed her phone because she was skipping songs when she was going, No Wait! I want that one! No, not that one!

Ok. Back to Work!


Until Next time, (Which is like in 5 seconds) Bye!


Hey Everybody,

 As Meredith said I just got back from camp. It was awesome! I rode horses and sweated my brains out. The only bad was that it rained so we couldn’t have s'mores (enter sad face).

When I got back from camp I was happy and ready to have fun but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO; the universe wants me to suffer. I had a surgery on my foot to remove a cyst. I’ve been cooped up for a week so coming downtown with Robyn and Ben was a blessing.

Enough about me. One thing Meredith forget to mention is that she is finally a TEENAGER!!!!! She turned 13 today so I bought her a Starbucks drink. 

We are about to continue work on our Database so wish me luck. Side note: This stuff is REALLY HARD! So I will close out with me jamming out to Best Day of My Life by American Authors. Peace, Love, and Chocolate.

Shelby Jennings, coder


Hello earthlings!

It’s the amazing powerful, awkward, coding, wisecracking and overusing adjectives to describe Shelby and Meredith.

We updated stuff while doing stuff. So specific, i know. Here’s what we really did:


  1. We made jokes

  2. Jammed out to music

  3. Wrote blog entries

  4. Watched Ben be exasperated

  5. Learned about Fruit

  6. Learned arrays

  7. Put commas in code

  8. Coded

  9. Dropped Meredith’s phone

  10. Ate burgers

  11. Sung so loud that someone could hear us from halfway around the world

  12. Drew smiley faces

  13. Coded some more

  14. Did stuff

  15. Laughed at Cheesy Jokes

  16. Talked in British and Australian accents

  17. Got silly

Wow! That’s a full day!