Bold Idea Learning Outcomes for 21st Century Skill Development

Critical thinking & Problem solving

  • Students show confidence in dealing with complexity and ambiguity
  • Students demonstrate persistence in working with difficult problems
  • Students can clearly articulate problems they encounter
  • Students can seek outside sources of information when they don't know the answer to a problem
  • Students can independently choose appropriate problem-solving strategies

Initiative & Self-Direction

  • Students can direct their own learning and are motivated to continue learning
  • Students are able to challenge themselves
  • Students are able to set goals
  • Students are able to use tools and processes to plan and prioritize tasks required to achieve a goal
  • Students seek help when needed instead of abandoning a task

Discovery & Inquiry

  • Students can formulate their own questions
  • Students can identify high quality questions
  • Students can gather and evaluate information from different sources
  • Students can decide which information is relevant and if they have enough

Creative thinking & innovation

  • Students can generate multiple original ideas
  • Students can evaluate the quality of ideas and select the best to shape into a product
  • Students use ingenuity and imagination, going outside conventional boundaries, when shaping ideas into a product
  • Students can take different perspectives to elaborate and improve on ideas


  • Students can communicate and work with others to achieve a common goal or solution
  • Students can consider the ideas of others without judging or criticizing
  • Students can effectively share and explain their ideas
  • Students can take and apply feedback from their peers
  • Students participate in creating a positive learning environment for others