With fewer than 40 percent of K-12 schools in the U.S. offering computer science courses *, Bold Idea is partnering with technology companies and innovative leaders to ensure that students have the critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and foundational technology skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century. 
Bold Idea students can write software programs that help them study for a geography test and build websites about bully prevention. Just as important is their ability to be an effective member of a team, have confidence when dealing with complexity and persist in working with difficult problems. In addition to computational thinking, we develop in students the skills that businesses are seeking in employees and what universities are seeking in students - and struggling to find. Join us in supporting young coders in north Texas.

*Gallup and Google study, "Pioneering Results in the Blueprint of U.S. K-12 Computer Science Education"

The best part of Bold Idea is that it gets people to leave their work bubbles and share their knowledge and, more importantly, enthusiasm for technology with young coders. There’s something quite magical about seeing kids change their perceptions of computers from entertainment devices to creation machines.
— Ruben Izmailyan, Dallas entrepreneur

For companies, commitment offers the following opportunities:

Be Part of a Solution

Support local computer science education and 21st century learning while positioning your brand alongside a cutting edge, solution-oriented initiative that impacts a diverse student population.

Engage Your Employees

Our programs offer a built-in opportunity to engage employees in giving back as volunteer mentors. Invite their kids to participate in our programs too.

Mine for Future Talent

Get an up-close look and access to a talent pipeline of highly skilled young students and professionals.

Fulfill Your Mission & Values

Integrate your community and sustainability efforts with a proven model for 21st century learning while supporting a growing community of young problem solvers.

Get Your Brand Out

Tap into our community network that includes influential tech, business and creative leaders, universities, K-12 education and entrepreneurs with brand awareness opportunities.


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