Volunteer opportunity:
Floater Mentor

Can't make a weekly commitment to one program site? Sign up to "float" between our various program sites that occasionally need additional support. You'll receive the same training as our regular mentors.

Term:  One program semester - 10 weeks if mentoring with 3rd-5th grades and 14 weeks if mentoring for ideaSpark
Time commitment: Flexible with your schedule. Volunteer when you can for a two-hour session at any program site that needs support.


Volunteers should have:

  • Great listening skills
  • An ability to communicate with others, including young students, volunteers and parents
  • Patience
  • Flexibility and openness to new ideas
  • An ability to problem solve
  • Punctual and reliable
  • A sense of humor
  • Empathy to the learning process
  • An enjoyment for being around young students and can respect them as people

Note on coding experience: While we don’t require mentors to have a background in coding, we encourage volunteers to learn the material as the students are learning. You may even find that diving into the computer science concepts and programming languages in your own time makes you are a stronger mentor - and programmer. 

We will depend on floater mentors to:

  • Be proactive on Slack and respond to requests for floater mentors when a program site needs support throughout the semester
  • Support a team of 6-10 students, alongside other mentors, offering encouragement, guidance and new ideas
  • Prepare for the session in advance by reviewing pre-planned activities and even practicing them yourself, anticipating any student questions
  • Get excited about student achievement and invested in their development during the semester-long course
  • Coordinate with the Program Site Coordinator to track student progress
  • Demonstrate behavior and a positive attitude that others should model

Coordinates with: Program Site Coordinators


  • Required two-hour training for new and experienced mentors
  • Program Site Coordinator
  • Bold Idea Wiki, a collaborative knowledgebase
  • Connection with other volunteer mentors through Bold Idea’s Slack channel 

Benefits of volunteering:

  • Develop skillset in education, programming and leadership to support career goals
  • Network with professionals in the technology industry
  • Learn computer programming by teaching it
  • Support the delivery of Bold Idea’s mission to develop and empower young minds to execute bold ideas as a team through the power of technology
  • University and high school students can acquire service hours