Create new worlds with computing

3rd - 5th grade students will bring their imagination to life by coding their own creative projects, while learning the basics of computer science with their friends. Projects include animations, storytelling, the arts and game design.

Program Goals

  • Understand computer science as a creative experience and tool for personal expression
  • Increase confidence when using computers
  • Instill courage to try new things
  • Grow perseverance when tackling difficult problems
  • Provide a sense of belonging in technology for underrepresented students
  • Collaborate with peers using pair programming and by working in project teams
  • Understand the impact that CS has in careers and communities

Spring 2018

Open Enrollment

Families are welcome to register their students for any of the following Saturday locations that best fits their schedule and geography - or a partner location that already serves your family. 


The MIX Coworking & Creative Space
9125 Diceman Drive, Dallas, TX 75218

Bottle Rocket 
14841 Dallas Pkwy, Floor 8
Addison, TX 75254


Partner Locations

Rosemont Elementary and International Language School (Dallas ISD)
719 N Montclair Ave, Dallas, TX 75208

Wesley-Rankin Community Center
3100 Crossman Ave, Dallas, TX 75212


Questions about registration?

Contact Ben Davis:, 214-442-1635