Empowering all students to create their bold ideas through collaborative coding sessions

Bold Idea's computer science programs provide education in coding concepts and computational thinking, mentoring and a team-based learning environment for a diverse student population in Dallas and Collin Counties. The programs ensure that students thrive in an increasingly technological world, where critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork are crucial for success. Alongside a community network that includes technology companies, social innovators, universities and entrepreneurs, Bold Idea is giving students real-world and purposeful learning experiences.


Multi-Week Courses


Students in 3rd - 10th grades meet with their team and mentors weekly at locations across Dallas and Collin counties. We focus on skill development over time through hands-on projects.

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Our Goal

To develop in students computer science and 21st century skills, while tracking growth over time for all program participants.

Computer science is the art of blending human ideas and digital tools to increase problem solving power. And it is more than just coding. Computer science develops students’ critical thinking skills and shows them how to create, not simply use, new technologies. It includes algorithms, abstraction, data, the Internet, global impact, creativity - and programming. 

21st century skills are abilities, habits and mindsets that students need to develop in order to succeed in the information age. Students need to think deeply about issues, solve problems creatively, work in teams, understand and present messages effectively, and deal with a flood of information. Often labeled the 4C’s, the 21st century skills that Bold Idea programs support are Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication.

What Makes Bold Idea Programs Unique



Students are supported by trained, high-quality mentors who are devoted to their growth as young coders. Many come from programming and technical backgrounds, while all have a passion for student innovation. We aim to match every two students with a mentor.


Students benefit from experience learning to code and creating technology in small teams of their peers. As a result, they improve skills in collaboration, teamwork and problem solving with others. Pair programming is one way we do this. 


Our students reflect the type of teams that we want to see more of in the world - diverse ones. We create student teams with a mix of ages, genders, racial and ethnic backgrounds, and skill levels to give students experience working with many kinds of people from an early age. 

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From day one, students learn to develop their computer science and 21st century skills through hands-on projects with their team. They develop their ideas into meaningful technologies using a process that includes discovery, ideation, prototyping, testing and sharing.