Mentor Monday: Meet Sreyas

Since childhood, Sreyas Karayi Vengilat has been interested in computers - especially computer games. He always wondered how computers worked and how to create his own game. Today, he is a Sr. Quality Assurance Engineer at T-Mobile, where he uses automation tools like Selenium Webdriver and Java to test web applications.

Mentor Monday: Meet Daniel

Daniel Lozano mentors Bold Idea students at Rosemont International Language School in Dallas. His most memorable mentoring moment was working with one student who often seems to be distracted. During one session, Daniel and other mentors asked him specific, well-thought out questions to make him consider many facets of a problem at the same time. The student went quickly from being distracted in general to intensely focused and productive. That taught Daniel that the students certainly have the capacity to think critically, even if they appear not to be interested. The difference is motivation. Everyone is motivated by different things, and learning what motivates someone is a powerful tool for a mentor.

What Too Much Screen Time Means For Your Kids

What Too Much Screen Time Means For Your Kids

Kids are among the most digitally savvy consumers on the planet. The amount of screen time they accumulate in the course of a year is staggering compared to the years before the iPad and iPhone existed. What is all this extra technology doing to your kids? How is it shaping their world and their minds?

6 Areas of Study that Blend Well with Computer Science

The skills and techniques taught in computer science classes can be applied across nearly every major subject area. In addition, developing strong computational thinking abilities can enhance students’ problem-solving, communication, and data analysis skills for the rest of their lives.

Pair Programming Creates Better Code

Pair Programming Creates Better Code

The stereotypical computer programmer is often portrayed as an isolated hacker, but professional programmers often work in highly collaborative teams or even in pairs. New models of pair programming emphasize benefits including high-quality code, quick problem solving and deeply satisfied workers.

Be Weird

Great minds of the past challenged our ideas of what is possible. Sending people to the moon, a computer that fits in our pocket and global communication. History is filled with people who thought differently and challenged the status quo. They may have even been called weird.

At Bold Idea, we champion weird. It’s thinking differently, being unique and surprising yourself with every idea that you come up with. 

3D Game Development: September Update

The ideaSpark gaming course is delivered in two parts this school year. During the fall semester, students are learning the basics in programming and game development. They will learn to create 3D characters and games starring their characters. With the basics under their belt, students will have more creative freedom in the spring semester to create their own unique 3D game, with support from their mentors and teammates.